Call Ed "The Tech Guy"
                                       I can make it work

          CE-Template (Optimize)

  1. Desktop modified with wide taskbar with quick launch (favorite programs) and all notification icons showing.
  2. Call Ed folder added to C: drive with system tools.
  3. Check for adequate memory.
  4. Yellow Call Ed quick launch icon added for remote assistance.
  5. Uninstall all unnecessary programs and toolbars.
  6. Stop all unnecessary processes.
  7. Install CCleaner Free and Malwarebytes Free.
  8. Scan for Viruses, Malware and Spyware, clean if necessary.
  9. Depending on findings look for root kits, etc.
  10. Delete temporary files and clean registry with CCleaner.
  11. Defrag if needed (For older operating systems).
  12. Apply all Windows and Microsoft updates.
  13. Apply hardware updates.
  14. Update Adobe Reader.
  15. Add WPS Office if needed.
  16. Check power control (full power) and screen saver options (power of screen 10 min, sleep 1hr, shutdown with power button).