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I do computer service & Repair in your home (COVID RESTRICTIONS APPLY) or remotely in Mount Airy, Germantown, and the Chestnut Hill neighborhoods of Philadelphia.  I also offer remote assistance to anywhere in the US including virus removal, optimizing, securing wireless networks, coaching, etc...

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I have been in the communication business over 30 years.  Computer service, repair, and remote assistance in Colorado for 5 years.  I started with DOS and a 8080 computer in 1978.  I have evolved through each computer and operating system, built many computers and enjoy just getting them to work efficiently for me and for you,  the user.  I now am running Windows 11 with great success.  My phone of choice is Android.


Please call or email me for a quote. I primarily work with software, setup, and upgrades.  I can also do repairs.  Should your hardware be defective or is inadequate to do the job, I will turn the work into a no charge assessment.

Ed Chudoba
113 W Mount Airy Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19119